Quantitative Aptidue,Profit and Loss questions
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Placement papers for Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss- Key Notes

Profit and Loss- Key Notes-aptitude-questions-answers-basics

Profit and Loss  Aptitude basics, practice questions, answers and explanations
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Profit %= ((SP-CP)/CP) *100
Loss %= ((CP-SP)/ CP) *100
Discount= MP-SP
Discount %= ((MP-SP)/ MP) * 100
where SP= Selling Price, CP= Cost Price, MP= Marked Price

Exercise questions

1. A trader makes a profit equal to the selling price of 75 articles when he sold 100 of the articles. What % profit did he make in the transaction?
A) 33.33%            
B) 75%             
C) 300%            

2. A merchant buys two articles for Rs.600. He sells one of them at a profit of 22% and the other at a loss of 8% and makes no profit or loss in the end. What is the selling price of the article that he sold at a loss?
A) Rs. 404.80            
B) Rs.440            
C) Rs. 536.80                       
D) Rs. 160

3. A trader professes to sell his goods at a loss of 8% but weights 900 grams in place of a kg weight. Find his real loss or gain per cent.
A) 2% loss        
B) 2.22% gain    
C) 2% gain        
D)None of these

4. Rajiv sold an article for Rs.56 which cost him Rs.x. If he had gained x% on his outlay, what was his cost?
A) Rs. 40           
B) Rs. 45      
C) Rs. 36      
D)Rs. 28

5. A trader buys goods at a 19% Amount on the label price. If he wants to make a profit of 20% after allowing a Amount of 10%, by what % should his marked price be greater than the original label price?
A) +8%           
B) -3.8%  
C) +33.33%           
D) None of these

6. If apples are bought at the rate of 30 for Rs.100.  How many apples must be sold for Rs.100 so as to gain 20%?
A) 28         
C) 20             
D) 22

7. One year payment to the servant is Rs. 200 plus one shirt.  The servant leaves after 9 months and receives Rs. 120 and a shirt. Then find the price of the shirt.
A) Rs. 80
B) Rs. 100
C) Rs. 120 
D) Cannot be determined

8. Two merchants sell, each an article for Rs.1000. If Merchant A computes his profit on cost price, while Merchant B computes his profit on selling price, they end up making profits of 25% respectively. By how much is the profit made by Merchant B greater than that of Merchant A?
A) Rs.66.67
B) Rs. 50           
C) Rs.125           
D) Rs.200

9. A merchant marks his goods in such a way that the profit on sale of 50 articles is equal to the selling price of 25 articles. What is his profit margin?
A) 25%           
C) 100%           

10. A merchant marks his goods up by 75% above his cost price. What is the maximum % Amount that he can offer so that he ends up selling at no profit or loss?
B) 46.67%           
C) 300%           


Answer Key

1.C; 2.A; 3.B; 4.A; 5.A; 6.B; 7.C; 8.B; 9.C; 10.D