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About US

FreshersDirect has its inception history back in the year 2006 when the internet had spread like a wild fire in the society. It was the age of social networking sites and information technology revolution. The reckless time young graduates spend in going through information spread all across the web is huge, freshersdirect has come up to fill the void of "Resource and opportunities management"

Companies spend a huge budget in sourcing, advertisements, onboarding of talent pool. It’s the toughest decision for corporates to indict fresh college graduates considering the volume of available talent pool with very vivid and raw skills. FreshersDirect has the mission statement of "Easing the talent acquisition process" for fresh graduates by creating a pool of "screened talent"

There are almost 1000000 boys and girls graduating in various fields in India and very few of them become lucky to get hired in a campus interview. Close to a million resources get added to the pool of un-employed resources in India is either wasting a lot of time in searching for job or they go for higher studies in the hope of getting a good job. For some getting a job is so important that they compromise and take up jobs in fields which are not in their interest area. This ultimately creates a unsatisfied employee who never performs as per the expectation or add value to his/her employer.

FreshersDirect has the vision to create a platform favorable for Employers and probable employees to choose the right set of each other’s.

We are growing and we have chosen an area of billion possibilities, there are many things we have and there many things we wish to have. We are working round the clock to make this system perfect and add value to the vast Human resources of the young country "INDIA".